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We love happy clients! Therefore we ask a lot of questions, challenge your assumptions and hypotheses, define clear goals and milestones and follow a trusted path when managing our projects.

There are five main steps that we follow in our event management process:

  1. Preliminary analysis, according to your requirements, consultation for potential risks and issues. 
  2. Overall customized concept of the event, following your goals and expectations – financial and organizational plan.
  3. Implementation of the event – perform accurate and active preparation, followed by a competent logistics during the event.
  4. Control onto all logistical and financial processes, partners and counterparties in accordance with the signed agreements.
  5. Closure of the process with financial reports. 


Our core value is assistance with the choice and management of the venue location, registration arrangements, delegates & speakers requirements and on-site management, as well as support to suppliers. Have experience in planning and managing academic conferences, legal and medical congresses, seminars, corporate meetings our experienced team will stand by you in every step of the event.

As a Licensed Event Management Company, during the whole organizational process, NEW EVENT follow well structured time and scope plan, regarding its responsibilities through the services provide:

  1. Budgeting and Contracting
  2. Styling and Branding
  3. Vision and Concept
  4. Technical support
  5. Hospitality management
  6. Registration and Communication management
  7. Overall Logistical and Organizational support before and during the event


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