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European TCI Network conference



The purpose of this conference is to encourage the exchange of knowledge and information among cluster practitioners and regions in the scope of international co-operation. The Conference is open to both, TCI members and non-members.

The TCI European Conference 2018 is promising to be varied. Delegates are invited to observe presentations from industry specialists, challenge business experts on issues of shared interest to every organisation and engage in lively discussions. Industry experts can share information, exchange best practices and develop business opportunities at many occasions during the conference.

If you are not familiar with the TCI Network and their activities, or this is your first conference, please consider taking part in the First time attendees introduction - this will certainly help to maximise the benefits of your participation, will guide you how to plan your sessions as well as to network and create business opportunities.

The TCI European Conference 2018 Committee will jointly design the final programme for the event. We have considered keynote sessions during the mornings for both conference days,

Draft programme

TCI European Conference 2018, Turning Challenges into opportunities through clusters in Eastern Europe

while in the afternoons we will offer various parallel sessions, group discussions, opportunities for pre-scheduled 1:2:1 meetings and experience exchange.

Full programme you could check from here - http://www.tci-europe2018.com/Complete_programme.


A full day of a TCI European Conference 2018 is dedicated to site visits to examples of active clusters in the region. Cluster tours are scheduled on Day 1 before the main conference, so there are no overlaps with the rest of the programme and participants can choose not to take part on the cluster visits when arranging their schedule for the conference week.

The cluster tours offer an immersion in the local cluster ecosystem through visits to leading cluster firms, through interaction with cluster teams and leading actors and through access to concrete learning experiences on innovative collaborative projects. Cluster tours reflect the achievements and also the problems faced by the cluster and give valuable insights to the participants on how they are organised and perform.

The final programme as well as the conference and meetings formats will be focused entirely on delegates’ needs. An open Call for Proposals is organised to allow practitioners to show their current work.

The whole detailed information about cluster tours - http://www.tci-europe2018.com/Cluster_tours


Knowing that all TCI Conferences are always appreciated for their exceptional networking environment, the European edition will offer an unforgettable gala dinner and award ceremony. After the Cluster tours on Day 1, the delegates will be invited for a networking reception at a historical building in Sofia.
While gracefully mingling and networking with each other, they will continue their journey through the ancient history of Bulgaria.


Innovation, technology and sustainable development were some of the topics during the first conference day. To facilitate the formation of an ecosystem for the transfer of knowledge and ideas and to wrap up the presentations from the day, delegates will have the opportunity to experience a new journey - the culinary performance, accompanied by selection of exquisite Bulgarian wines, presented by Sommelier with every course. During the evening, the TCI European Conference 2018 award ceremony will also take place. Live music and dance opportunities will follow the official part of the evening. Scheduled bus transfers will be announced in the official program of the conference for the comfort of all delegates.


It is all about getting the inspiration to network and build new bridges. The tours are part of the optional program of the conference. Every tour will be a perfect introduction to the host city and its thousands of years of history. We advise delegates to indicate in advance if they want to take part in the tours. Based on the number of pre - booked places, we might schedule more slots and build the best route for gaining maximum experience.


Start your participation in the TCI European Conference well before the conference week. Use social media to add value to the Conference and expand your network.


For questions related to TCI Network, membership and/or becoming a TCI member, please contact:

TCI Network
Passeig de Gràcia 129 I 08008 Barcelona – Spain
Anna Korten
akorten@tci-network.org and info@tci-network.org
www.tci-network.org | Tel: +34 93 3094834

For questions related to TCI European Conference 2018, please contact: Consulting Cluster Veritas Ltd
34 Bogatitsa Str, Office A-01 | 1421 Sofia – Bulgaria
Teodora Jilkova

| Tel: + 359 88 8844491

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