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International Workshop on Electrochemistry of Electroactive Materials

V. Tsakova (Bulgaria), M.A. Vorotyntsev (Russia/France)
Scientific Committee:
D. Aurbach (Israel)O.A. Petrii (Russia)
V.Z. Barsukov (Ukraine)P.G. Pickup (Canada)
J. Heinze (Germany)R. Seeber (Italy)
A.R. Hillman (UK)O.A. Semenikhin (Russia/Canada)
G. Inzelt (Hungary)M. Skompska (Poland)
P.J. Kulesza (Poland)V. Tsakova (Bulgaria)
D. Mandler (Israel)C. Visy (Hungary)
V.M. Mirsky (Germany)M.A. Vorotyntsev (Russia/France)
Advisory Board: P. Mussini, A. Pailleret
Local Organizing Committee:
Institute of Physical Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
V. Tsakova, M. Ilieva, V. Karabozhikova
V. Lyutov, A. Nakova 

Thematic scope:

● Synthesis and characterization of electroactive (conducting/conjugated and redox) polymers and inorganic electroactive solids.

● Electroactive copolymers, hybrid materials and nanocomposites containing metal, carbon, semiconductor or insulator particles/ structures.

● Reactions at electrodes modified by electroactive materials or their (nano)composites.

● Recent developments of experimental techniques for characterization of homogeneous and composite electroactive materials.

● Applications of electroactive polymers, inorganic and composite materials: catalysis and electrocatalysis, electroanalysis, sensors and actuators, membranes, energy storage, batteries and supercapacitors, solar energy conversion, electrochromic and nonlinear-optics materials,nanosciences and molecular electronics etc.

Important Dates:
01 December 2018
Deadline for preliminary registration and submission of short resume
01 February 2019
Notification of acceptance of contributions
01 February 2019
Distribution of 2nd circular and of application form for accommodation at the conference place
01 March 2019
Deadline for payment of conference fee and submission of filled-in form for accommodation
15 May 2019
Deadline for submission of abstracts for the conference proceedings
05 June 2019
Distribution of 3rd circular and preliminary program
16 June 2019
Arrival to the conference place
Детайли за събитието
  • КлиентИнститут по Физикохимия "Ростилав Каишев", БАН
  • Дата 16/06/2019
  • Мястохотел Рила, Боровец
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