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XIII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON WWER Fuel Performance, Modelling and Experimental Support

The WWER fuel conference is the thirteenth in biennial series that have been organized by INRNE-BAS in cooperation with IAEA and traditionally supported by the Russian Fuel Company "TVEL".

The Conference provides a common forum for better understanding of fuel modeling and performance amongst the nuclear fuel community. The primary objective is to bring together academic and industrial experts from the world to exchange information and to analyze advances in nuclear fuel technology.

The successful international meetings on WWER fuel, held from 1994 up to 2017, proved their usefulness and contribution to the enhancement of the safety and reliability of the WWER reactors, operated over the world.

In this regard, the expected participation of the Russian experts organized by TVEL Company - the Russian manufacturer of nuclear fuel and their presentations at the Conference are highly appreciated and expected.

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  • КлиентИнститут за ядрени изследвания и ядрена енергетика, БАН
  • Дата 15/09/2019
  • Мястохотел Сол Несеър Маре, Несебър
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