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Invited Lectures


SESSION 1: Fundamentals of Nucleation and Crystal Growth
Romain Grossier (link); Title "Crystal nucleation in microdroplets"
Wim Noorduin (link); Title " Controlling nucleation, growth and form of bio-inspired minerals "

SESSION 2: Bulk Crystal Growth
Alexandre Tallaire (link);
Biao Wang (link); Тitle "The automatic growth system with in-situ interface detection and energy-saving features"

SESSION 3: Surfaces, Interfaces, Epitaxial Growth, Thin Films
Jesus Zuniga Perez (link) Title "Growth of semipolar GaN by MOVPE: from patterned substrates to high-quality templates"
Jonas Johansson (link) Title "Understanding the composition of epitaxially grown ternary III-V nanowires"

SESSION 4: Structural Defects and Impurities in Crystalline Materials
Helmut Klapper (link); Title " The generation of growth dislocations by inclusions and growth-face damages: an experimental study"
Per Persson (link) Title "The application of advanced electron microscopy in 3D and 2D materials"

SESSION 5: Crystal Growth and Characterization of Nanostructures, Low-dimensional and Confined Systems

SESSION 6: Crystallization of Inorganic Materials
Michał Boćkowski (link) Title "Bulk growth of GaN - status, perspectives and trends"
Denis Gebauer (link) Title "Amorphous intermediates in crystallization: from polyamorphism to crystal growth and superstructure formation"

SESSION 7: Crystallization in Organic and Biological Systems
Dominique Maes (link) Title ""

SESSION 8: Industrial Crystallization, Technologies and Process Control
Stéphane Veesler (link) Title "Microfluidics crystallization in tubes (nucleation, optimization, screening...)"
Adrian Flood (link) Title " New Developments in Temperature Cycle Induced Deracemization "

SESSION 9: Novel Materials and Structures
Martin Valldor (link) Title ""
Wlodek Strupinski (link) Title ""

SESSION 10: New Methods and Techniques for Crystal Growth

SESSION 11: Advances in Observation and Characterization Methods

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