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Employee awards

Companies that seek to a better image of an employer are regularly organizing employee awards. The employees are the most valuable resource for every company so it’s of utmost importance for such an event to be perfectly planned.

The best case scenario is for a licensed agency to be hired. One that is very well aware of the importance of the occasion employee awards. We, at NEW EVENT, have a wealth of experience in organizing such happenings so we can sense the spirit of your company and create an event that will become a powerful motivational tool for the people and improve your image as an employer. Contact us to create for you an event that your colleagues will remember. One, which will inspire them for higher results, or at least until the next employee awards.

In order to deliver our confident promise for an expertise in employee rewards planning, we rely on the professionalism and the carefully developed work methodology that has been tested over the years and the dozens of events of a different caliber we have managed. When conducting employee awards, we follow our golden rules for organization of a happening and keep a constant contact with the customer to get feedback at each stage of development. One extremely important thing in such an occasion is to make the employees feel it was internally planned event. To carry the company's internal tone of voice.

At NEW EVENT, we create an individual concept for each of our clients and for each of their events, being it employee awards or a workshop. We carefully plan the details and perform full control over the contracted processes. Upon the end of the event, we verify the fulfillment of the stated goals and prepare a financial statement for the client. It’s the only way for us to stand behind our work for the corresponding project and move on to the next one with a piece of mind.

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