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First Balkan Conference on Personalized Medicine 26 - 27.10.2017 Best Western Expo hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria


  Dear colleague,
     On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Bulgarian Alliance for Precision and Personalized Medicine - BAPPM, I have the honor to invite you to the First Balkan Conference on Personalized Medicine on October 26 and 27, 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
    The event will be the first of its kind in the Balkan region, a scientific-practical forum for the presentation of scientific developments and projects, new products, approaches, methodologies and concepts in the field of precision and personalized medicine - diagnostics and therapy. More than 150 representatives of healthcare institutions are expected: MEPs, Ministry of Health; Committee on Health Care in the National Assembly; NHIF; NSCRLP; NCSOZA; IAL, etc., representatives of the professional organizations - BLS, BFS, representatives of the managements of scientific societies and specialists in pathology, genetics, oncology, hematology, health management, etc.; representatives of the academic management of medical universities, medical professionals, doctors, pharmacists and students of medicine and pharmacy, with interests in the field of personalized medicine, as well as representatives of the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry.
     The institutional partnership of the European Alliance for Personalized Medicine and the participation of its executive director - Mr. Denis Horgan, as well as representatives of the management structures of related national organizations from the Balkan region, will give us the opportunity to discuss and highlight concrete steps and joint initiatives for the accelerated development and integration of precision and personalized medicine in the health systems of the countries of the region.
    Organized on the eve of taking over the Presidency of the Council of Europe, the Conference is an expression of Bulgaria's request for a key role in the development and application of precise and personalized medicine in the Balkan region.
   We hope together with you to make the First Balkan Conference on Personalized Medicine a truly inspiring meeting that should not be missed!
    We are waiting for you at the forum.

Dr. Jasmina Koeva-Balabanova
Chairman of the Board of Directors of BAPPM

      You can register for the Conference online at The registration form.
The current one Program of the event is located on the website of BAPPM.
Information about the Conference, the program and all the news can be found at www.bappm.bg or www.newevent.bg

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