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7th Scientific seminar on physical chemistry for young scientists and doctoral students

The seminar will take place in the period April 25-27, 2018 in the city of Plovdiv, Hotel "Alliance"


The seventh Scientific Seminar on Physical Chemistry for young scientists and doctoral students is held in the year in which the Institute of Physical Chemistry "Acad. Rostislav Kaishev" celebrates its 60th anniversary, which we celebrate under the motto "Modern research based on long-standing tradition and experience".

This motto reflects the "secret" of the success of Bulgarian physicochemical science, the two mandatory elements of any successful scientific activity - continuity based on tradition, essential knowledge and rich research experience and continuous change, guaranteeing "modernity" in the sense of progress in harmony with modern trends of scientific development and ideas.

The tradition of the Bulgarian physicochemical school is marked by innovation, high scientific quality, international recognition and indisputable prestige and is due to the successful and fruitful activity of a number of prominent researchers, scientists by spirit and vocation.

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