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International Workshop on Electrochemistry of Electroactive Materials (WEEM-2019)


In 2019 Bulgaria hosted the International Workshop of on Electrochemistry of Electroactive Materials (WEEM-2019), organized by Institute of Physical Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Ninth of the series of the WEEM workshops already organized in Russia, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary.


WEEM-2019 combined scientists working on the development of new functional materials, their electrochemical characterization, and their use in various applications in the field of energy conversion, environmental protection and control, biomedicine and others.

The chairperson of the organizing committee was Prof. Vesela Tsakova. Prof. Tsakova is a project manager and participant in various research projects and events in the field of electrochemistry and physicаl chemistry. She was personally involved within the organization and thanks to her efforts, over 100 participants from 21 different countries were gather. WEEM-2019 was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS). The conference was not only a significant scientific event, but also a center of social contact between scientists.

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