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Today – 5th June - in the Park Hotel "Moskva" in Sofia, will be held the First Conference of the Bulgarian Association of Assistant Pharmacists, entitled "Professional organisation - a guarantee of quality of pharmaceutical care".

"For many years, practicing the regulated profession, assistant pharmacists did not have a national union, which the regulated profession deserved. Nobody knew where we were, how many we were, what qualifications we had. There is no possibility for postgraduate education - extremely important, especially for practicing the regulated profession. A diploma alone is not enough - it is a beginning, and knowledge must be upgraded "- wrote the organisers of the event.

"All this forced us to fight for a professional organisation through which to have a national union which represents us. We will also have a unified electronic register and a national organisation, and when legislative changes occur, we will not hear on television what is coming for us, but we will participate in expert councils, we will have a representative in the Supreme Council of Pharmacy (consultative body at the Ministry of Health), where we will make proposals and participate in discussions. We achieved this on June 6, 2019, when the Minister of Health convened the first Constituent Congress and we have already replaced the Professional Organisation with 28 regional colleges, with the Code of Ethics, which must be observed”, was said in the motivation for organising the conference.

The organisers are on the opinion that in this way unregulated practices will be avoided, we will have orders for professional activities, and colleagues will be involved in postgraduate training. All the standards that apply to the regulation of the profession will be applied to us. According to rough statistics, we are about 5,000 people. The composition of the national process, which will be provided to the Ministry of Health, is currently being finalised. We already have structures in place in 28 regions.

Dental technicians and assistant pharmacists on the way to becoming a professional organisation

"I would like to address my fellow assistant pharmacists who are considering their membership in the professional organisation just as a payment of one membership fee. This is extremely superficial! It is no coincidence that we are a regulated profession. This is a profession that is especially important for people's health. The exercise of the regulated profession is subject to strict requirements and regulations, the Code of Ethics and the maintenance of qualifications through inclusion in postgraduate education. You should be proud that you have chosen this profession. And to be satisfied that organised at the national level in the Assembly organisation, with national representation, we could achieve a proper status of the class. BAAP takes care of just that! ” stated Ms. Lilyana Petrova, President of the Bulgarian Association of Assistant Pharmacists (BAAP) in her speech to her colleagues.

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