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Scientific events

NEW EVENT has an extensive experience in organizing scientific events. We are acquainted with the essentials of the various types of scientific events and have developed a proprietary work model tailored to each specific event''s characteristics. If you are planning to organize a congress, symposium, conference, seminar or workshop, you can contact us. Our team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals will develop an individual strategy to maximize the expected results from each event.

When planning scientific events, we follow a strict procedure. When it comes to a conference, choosing a suitable conference hall is the key to the outcome of the event. Location, capacity, access, parking, multimedia, lights & sound – we consider these all. When organizing scientific events, we also take into account the message they are transmitting to the general public or its target audience.

We cooperate actively in choosing media partners and in the negotiations with them. For high-rank scientific events, like symposium for example, we do the paperwork and issue the permits necessary to hold such type of occasion. Organizing seminars isn’t terra incognita for us either. These types of scientific events are more of a practical nature and the provision of working comfort is paramount. Being a licensed event planning agency, we can basically provide entire solution to your event – from the catering to the overall branding and advertising strategies.

The end of the event doesn’t mark the end of our commitment to it.

We undertake evaluation procedure for all the events that we have planned or have already organized. Professionalism requires it to assess if the predefined goals and objectives have been met. It’s also a sign for our strong dedication and the energy we put into each of our projects.

Contact us should you want your plans and ideas for a scientific event implemented.


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