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New product launch

Products are like people - the first impression matters the most

Whether it's a new instrument for dental technicians, a golden rules book on Management, or a fashion line of a brand-new fashion label, a new product launch event is the first contact with customers and influencers, aiming at getting them acquainted with the product and gathering feedback. It determines, up to a great extent, on how the product will be presented in the future. We, at NEW EVENT, have an extensive experience in organizing and communicating such happenings. We will be glad to be with you in building the first impression when presenting innovative new products to the market.

As a licensed event planner, we are well aware of the specificities of organizing each type of occasion and know how to give this unique touch when presenting new products. Such happening begins well before the opening itself with the first step being proper positioning.

Before planning a new product launch, we always consult with the customer about his vision, product’s target customers, and we position it together on the market for such products in Bulgaria or, as the case is with the innovative technology or a brand new product, map it based on the consumers’ demand. Once we've built the strategy behind the brand and the image we want to communicate, we implement the concept while realizing the project.

At NEW EVENT, we plan, organize and monitor the agreed processes that are part of our projects. After each new product launch, seminar or conference, we submit an evaluation report on the results achieved. Meet our team and mission.

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