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Did you know that group events have the ability to bring out the best of each team member? Oftentimes team building and similar events take place in an informal environment, outside the workplace. They are usually designed to lay the foundations for an effective communication and understanding between colleagues.

Through various team building games, many managers aim to build a better team and encourage collaboration among its members. For an already productive team, there is always a room for improvement of the internal decision-making processes and the motivation. We can help you choose the right team building for you and your crew!

Team building benefits

We believe that there is one major driving force towards development and it is the concept of efficiency as a result of teamwork. That’s why our event managers will select and recommend you various team building activities and games that are focused and follow this concept.

Many people find no results from team building or, if any, they are only short-term. We are here to prove the opposite. Not only does it have an effect on all the participants, but also through team building games important variables can be positively influenced. Such as:

• The micro-environment at the workplace;

• Motivation of team members;

• Conflict solving;

• Collaboration;

• Accepting criticism and troubleshooting.


The benefits of team building activities, which we can tailor for you are:


• Identifying the team’s problematic areas and team status analysis;

• Team building games for building a sustainable environment of synergy;

• Encourage teamwork through case studies;

• Raising principles for successful leadership and role-playing.


Why choose us?

The design and delivery of corporate team building events are an integral part of the company portfolio. We put an emphasis on the innovativeness and practicality of the ideas, combined with a strategic approach to the team building offered. So far we have organized the following type of corporate happenings:

• Incentive programs

• Employee awards

• Corporate party

• Corporate travel

• Networking


Together we can create a team building event with games to improve company’s effectiveness and efficiency. For detailed information, please contact us at +359 887 861 840 or at office@newevent.bg

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