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Special events

Professionalism is our distinctive feature thanks to the people who are entirely committed to a common cause – planning and executing your unique event as you imagine it ... or even better.

We believe that getting us acquainted in-depth with each detail of a project, before we move on to it, is an absolute must. All our managers share a common philosophy at work - to take an extra mile and supersede your expectations. That’s namely the reason why we have set ourselves the goal of developing concepts of business and/or personal events, which will assist in your brand awareness building or will simply bring inspiration in your personal life.

Our understanding of special events is of out-of-the-standard happening. Distinct occasions of particular importance and great significance. When organizing such events, we try to combine harmoniously our established corporate values, proven work methodology and unique know-how with the inevitable challenges associated with the project’s idea.

Our formula for success is simple, easy to understand for the client and it works!


Whether you need a conference, new product launch or a team building organized, our project managers will meet all your expectations. Each of them is trained to be able to provide the best individual work plan and unique concept for your function.

How do we create events?

There are usually several steps that we follow when managing a project:

• Preliminary analysis

• A comprehensive concept of the happening

• Plan implementation

• Control and monitoring

• Completion and reporting

Being a licensed company, we strictly adhere to the corresponding plan and the responsibilities associated with the process of its execution. The main steps are:

- Negotiating and defining the project’s budget;

- Branding and positioning

- Vision and concept;

- Technical equipment;

- Personal assistance - welcoming and accommodation;

- Registration and feedback;

- Comprehensive support before and during the project.


Sky is the limit to our capabilities. We have the capacity, the knowledge, the skills and, above all, the desire to meet your requirements and turn your wishes for an incredible event into a reality.

For individual quotes and inquiries reach us by email or phone.

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