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Thematic events


Many people think of the themed events as of happenings based entirely on imagination and improvisation work. As a licensed event planner, we know better than anyone else that it is all a matter of very careful and thoughtful planning in advance, just as it is with many other occasions. And if there is any improvisation, it will actually be pre-added to the occurrence’s strategy. Trust our substantial experience in organizing themed events as well as any other kind of happenings.

For the themed events realization, we follow the same manner of work and methodology as for the organization of seminars, conferences, teambuilding and workshops. This in no way means, though, that we apply one and the same template on every happening we create. Just the opposite. We have individual approach to each occasion. When planning themed events, we add a pinch of imagination to the interpretation of the theme itself, or we invent together with the client the main subject of the happening. All the rest - from the quality of the experience to the number of smiles on people’s faces and the unforgettable moments, intimate and shared, depends mainly on the proper planning and implementation. That’s because even the most unique of all themed events can be "crippled" by bad sound and cannot go without good catering.

NEW EVENT is an agency that works together with and for its clients from the initial study of the key parameters of the planned happening to the post-event evaluation of the goals and achievements. Not many of the themed event planners are able to that stand behind their work in the confident manner that our agency does.  Check out our diverse portfolio of past work. We will be happy to make your dreams come true and create for you one of the most memorable themed occasions.

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