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Whatever we say to describe this happy occasion, it wouldn’t be enough. The process of organizing a wedding, the dream of every couple in love, can be quite long and turbulent. This is an event that in no way should be dazzled or taken over by unnecessary responsibilities and excessive emotions.

This is where we can play a role with our proposal for co-operation. If you haven’t had previous experience with an event planner, you might be wondering why should you hire us to help you organize the wedding. To make your decision easier, we've provided a sequence of steps that we follow during the planning work with the clients. What you can count on the best event organizers is high professionalism and thorough organization and coordination of your incredible feast.

What are our principles?

What we focus on when planning a wedding is to keep the peace and comfort of our customers in order to let them enjoy their wonderful occasion to the maximum. Since it’s one of the most important and key events in everyone's life, planning a wedding requires months of preparation and decision making about thousands of details to make the client’s dream wedding come true.

The professionals responsible for your wedding planning will walk you through the entire process, which consists of several stages:

• Defining the basic details of the organization - choice of a date and venue for the event, guests list, theme and design of the venue, accommodation, restaurant and catering;

• Coming up with a complete wedding concept – should it be indoor or outdoor wedding; shall it take place during the day or evening; will there be a ritual or just the party;

• Choosing a photographer, cameraman, and DJ for the event;

• Book a slot for a ritual in a church and/or a ritual room;

• Make and manage appointments for hairdresser, make-up artist, music and dance performers;

• Overall concept and decoration of the hall, tables, the ritual spots and any activities to take place;

• Other wedding organization-related requirements as per the couple's preferences.


Deciding on these basic parameters will help us get a precise idea of ​​your vision about the event and we will be ready to proceed with the organization of a wedding that will stay in your and your guests’ memories for a long time.

Share with us what would your dream wedding ceremony look like. For your cloudless special day, just exchange your sacred vowels and let the professionalisms of our service take care of it all!

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