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A large-scale scientific forum discussing the most important discoveries and trends in the field of medicine is often organized in a symposium format. Normally, it lasts from 2 to 7 days and takes place every two years, gathering people from different parts of the world in one place.

We have organized symposia of various scale and format thus we have all the necessary resources to plan and execute your concept from A to Z. This is one of the most complicated events in terms of planning so you will need a trustworthy and experienced partner. NEW EVENT is exactly your kind of partner.

What is our vision?

The symposium planning involves a large number of representatives of various organizations and associations to attend and present the greatest achievements in a given field and the innovations that has changed their work. Because of the nature of this event you should hire an agency to coordinate all the operations and activities associated with conducting a symposium.

Very often, non-governmental organizations and leading specialized private institutions take part in the symposium program. Each of them comes with its specific requirements, competences and goals that need to be properly and seamlessly coordinated. To achieve this, you can count on our experts who will take care of:

• Schedule and scenario;

• Coordination of the countries participating in the upcoming symposium;

• Defining important details like: official language, guest lecturers, accreditations, location, accommodation and transportation;

• Preparation of documentation, papers and permits for conducting a symposium;

• Choice of media partners and business relationship settlement with them;

• Technical equipment handling - audio and video conferencing, photo and video capture, live broadcasting.

Each symposium follows numerous predetermined and predefined rules by you - the hosts. Before we proceed with any realization, it is of crucial importance to finalize your negotiations with the other attending countries, regarding the details of your partnership.

Through the event management team’s joint efforts, we will design a thorough individual concept for the upcoming symposium.
All you need to do is contact us and book a meeting with the NEW EVENT’s team.


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