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Our modern understanding of catering is of a business service for food and drink delivery in remote locations. This may include the rental of equipment for events such as tents, tables and chairs, textiles and decoration. It may cover many more activities as well.

The variety of catering services is broad so, in Bulgaria, they are becoming more and more popular choice of service. According to the NEW EVENT’s professionals, the clients are usually looking to rent tents along with tables and chairs. This is the least we can provide for your upcoming happening. Send us either a request for quote and catering budget to office@newevent.bg or contact us at the indicated phones.

Catering for your occasion

Our main responsibility is to provide you with the perfect catering service at optimized prices. If you find the need for professional assistance for your event and choose us for your partner, we will dedicate our entire business day towards excellent outcome.

All event managers have a variety of experience and skills to organize different events by type and purpose - scientific, special and corporate events. Our catering services, which belong to the corporate happenings’ category, can be a great addition to the unique concept of your occasion, with the tents being top feature. The rental equipment you may need for excellent performance if your even requires catering includes:


• furniture for rent - for comfortable accommodation of guests and overall look;

• glowing furniture and themed decoration for indoor or outdoor spaces;

• professional sound and light equipment;

• tents – they come in different size and construction for each terrain and location;

• upon customer's request - LED lighting, stage equipment, special effects and other popular extras can be provided.


For your perfect event, we will carry out five-step planning to build an individual concept and a schedule. If you are planning an outdoor event, and you need to rent tents, we will offer professional services at an excellent price.


Surprise your guests with a perfectly organized catering. Contact us and let’s talk about your project.


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