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The networking events are a great opportunity to make business contacts within your industry or to fill in the missing units of specialists that you might need to start or further develop a private business. A popular form of networking is the business breakfast with the informal venues and locations being another extremely popular feature of the networking events. Everything looks very casual on such happenings which doesn’t remove the fact that they are actually well planned and professionally organized. As a licensed agency,we, at NEW EVENT, know very well that behind the informal environment and the pleasant noise from money talks lies a measured strategy and attention to detail. Contact us and together we will plan and conduct your networking event.

NEW EVENT has a strong know-how which was built over the years of organizing all kinds of events. We have put down the perfect protocol of steps, which we follow with every project and it always works flawlessly for us. However, we do keep approaching every event individually. A custom strategy is always being set, whether it is a forum, a symposium or a wedding. Every event is planned as much as possible in order to minimize the risk of lapses.

NEW EVENT is an agency that can be successful in building the ad communication of an event, as well as its quality branding campaign. These play major role in the networking events.

In most cases, they aim to gather at one place targeted audience of professionals who, at the same time, are not in active contact between each other. It’s exactly at this moment that an agency like ours can draw with you the right targeting plan to reach the desired specialists and make your networking event a success.


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