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Trainings in the form of seminars are becoming extremely popular in Bulgaria. More often than ever, small to large companies are requesting our assistance with the organization of their events. We can do an excellent job in respect to choosing and managing your seminar venue, as well as defining the details of the event’s conduct.

Thanks to continuous professional development, our event agency’s team has built a local and international experience, while implementing innovations to the seminar's organization practices. We will handle on your behalf all the organizational and planning work, creating a successful and effective seminar, giving you the time to focus entirely on your event.

What a seminar looks like?

Typically, events of this type take the form of group exercises under the leadership of one person. All the parameters of your seminar should be defined in advance so that we’ll get a better understanding of the overall concept of your event. This will give us the opportunity to recreate it on-spot in as authentic and exact manner as possible, in accordance with your expectations from the seminar and the established standards.

Business meetings of this type take place in smaller halls than the standard, suitable also for similar trainings and corporate events. Most often, the conference room for your seminar is being chosen by its capacity and level of adaptability in order to meet your specific requirements.

We will also provide the technical equipment necessary for the upcoming seminar to run smoothly. For the guests’ and customers’ comfort, you can offer additional treats like coffee break, lunch or catering. We can also offer individual design and branding of a seminar.

All the equation variables can be found with the help of our agency’s project managers who will be responsible for:


• Choosing a seminar venue

• Planning the event

• Sound and multimedia

• Advertising strategy and branding

• Accommodation and transportation



The organization of seminars requires a great deal of effort and human resources to whom to delegate your duties while the events are taking place so that you’ll be able to actually take part in. We can provide you with an entire solution for organizing various of happenings such as scientific events, team buildings, personal occasions, and more.

The complete portfolio with services provided by NEW EVENT can be found here.

For your successful seminar planning, you can rely on our team of project managers with an individual approach to you, in person, and your event. As a licensed event management company, we follow certain methodology in running seminars of different types and sizes.

If you need professional assistance for seminars and other scientific events, do not hesitate to contact us.

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