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Incentive programs

Being a licensed agency in business contact with both the most successful companies on the market and government bodies and professional associations, makes NEW EVENT in-depth acquainted with the most up-to-date practices for employee motivation, such as the increasingly popular incentive programs. The key point of any such event is to create the feeling in people that things are taking place spontaneously, their experience is unique, to surprise them and blend them completely with the atmosphere of the event. Browse our portfolio with past work and contact us when you intend to motivate your staff by incentive programs.

All the rules of any event planning apply to the incentive programs organization. To make it surprising and impressive takes a very high level of logistics, planning, and innovative thinking. Whether it's a gourmet tasting, exotic trip exploring the local population or archery, incentive programs planning requires proven know-how and dedicated professionals.

A comfortable environment for the participants needs to be created. A place where they’ll totally immerse themselves in order to relax as they completely isolate themselves or focus fully on solving the riddle in order to find a way out of the escape room during teambuilding. One can opt for endless types of incentive programs, which is why the input of a specialized agency is the key to make such an event effective for the company at the end.

We, at NEW EVENT, are committed to designing of Incentive Programs from scratch. From the first step in the planning to the last one - the event evaluation.

Meet our highly qualified team and contact us to organize the event of your dreams.


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