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Successful conference with NEW EVENT

Medicine, technology, education and innovation - what's common between them? The latest achievements in these industries are presented to the public during a conference that takes place in a conference hall. One of the best conference halls in Sofia, Hotel Ramada, will host The XII National Congress of BSO, as well as other types of events, including:


• Business or science conference;

• Video- and press-conference

• Other scientific events - seminars, workshops and congresses.


This event type is usually dedicated to discussing important topics, so one of the key elements of its organization is the choice of suitable conference hall in Sofia. Planning such happening requires various of resources - financial, time, technical and manpower. The task of organizing a conference and finding the most appropriate conference hall can be delegated to a team of experts instead. Such professionals you will find in our agency. We will check all free conference halls in Sofia that are also suitable for the upcoming event and will define all the details related to its rent.


Professional support for organization and conference hall selection

When drawing up a work plan, it is necessary to establish with you all the parameters of the upcoming conference. To continue with the remaining organizational stages, we need to have information about your preferences about:


• Venue, start and end dates, suitable conference room;

• Program and schedule, choice of speakers and topics;

• Printing invitations for attendees and partners;

• Establishing the accommodation-, transportation- and meals-related details;

• Choice of media partner/s and representatives of the institutions to attend your conference;

• Defining the event’s goals, access levels and registration options;

• Overall assistance prior and during the happening.


Our team will help you in making the difficult choice of conference room in Sofia and the preparation of all the activities necessary for hosting an excellent event. Sofia’s conference halls all differ in terms of capacity, technical equipment and layout, which directly affects how successful the upcoming conference would be. There are number of factors to be closely considered while making your conference room choice. Such as:


• Location

• Capacity

• Multimedia plan

• Parking Lot

• Accessibility

• Sound and lighting


For all the highlights on the professional preparation of a conference and the choice for conference room, you can consult the NEW EVENT team at the contact details provided. After a brief talk, we will identify together all the project’s parameters to provide you with individual solutions and a perfect result.

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